Our Approach

Why Work with INDFIN LLC?

There are many firms that provide “planning” services, so why should you work with INDFIN LLC?

  • Personal Attention: Neil Grossman = INDFIN LLC; as a sole proprietorship, every client contact, analysis, recommendation, etc is done by the same advisor – Neil Grossman. That allows for a very close relationship and a deep understanding of the client’s situation, goals, and concerns.
  • Accessibility: I am available to my clients far beyond “normal business hours”. I make myself available to my clients on evenings and weekends; any attempt at contact (e-mail, phone) is returned very quickly (ALWAYS by the next day, and faster if time-sensitive).
  • Fee-only Investment Advice: I do not receive any load, commission, or other compensation for the purchase or sale of any investments that you may purchase in brokerage accounts under my management; you can always know that my only financial interest is your financial interest.
  • Comprehensive Nature of Services: Many “planning” services are focused on one area (insurance, investments), and often provide commission-based services.
  • Registered Investment Advisor: INDFIN LLC has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. This means that we must act in the best interests of my clients at all times and avoid any conflicts of interest. In contrast, brokers have a suitability standard, which means that any individual investment must be “suitable” for that investor. This is a much lower standard of accountability.

Choosing a financial planner is an important decision. Through a variety of financial market and economic conditions over the past 15+ years, my clients remain with me. I have had many of my clients for more than 10 years and have grown my business primarily through referrals from satisfied clients. You can read some testimonials on this site and I am happy to provide references upon request.

The first step is a no-cost, no-obligation introductory discussion, which can be in person or over the phone. You can click on Contact to let me know that you are interested (as well as ask questions). At the initial meeting, we will discuss what you are looking for in a planner, and how I might be able to fill that need. After that, I will develop a proposal. If you choose to proceed with a comprehensive plan, the Plan will be developed and, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you owe nothing. I am confident that you will find the Plan to be a very valuable document.

And now, I am offering a complimentary “insurance audit” at no cost. Simply click on Complimentary Life Insurance Review on our home page and fill out the short form. I will let you know if you might be able to save on existing coverages.